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How did Miriam and I meet?  Heck of a question.  See, I'm not entirely sure what the answer is.   I can tell you where we met.  We met at Hillel at the University of Cincinnati. The closest I can come to a "when" is sometime in the Fall of 1996 - probably near the end of October.  I was the rabbinic intern at Hillel at the time, and was meeting a lot of students for the first time around then (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it).

My first specific memory of Miriam would have to be from a Graduate and Young Professionals dinner at Hillel.  Miriam was the chef for the occassion.  The only specific thing I remember is that she talked my friend Joseph's ear off.  The next day at school Joseph referred to her as "that crazy woman at the Hillel dinner."

And now, the rest of the story . . .

Perspective is always important when it comes to this sort of thing.  As a result, you will find Aaron's version of the beginning of the relationship on the left
Aaron's StoryAaron's Story

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Miriam's version appears on the right.  Generally, she just tries to set the record straight where she feels Aaron has distorted it.

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Well, let’s see….. I think that I’m going to do this in true lawyer fashion, and just go through his version, making sure to "clarify" certain points.

My first real recollection of him was at the Grad student dinner, so that part’s the same. The reason that I talked his friend’s ear off is because I was kind of hoping that he could introduce me to a cute rabbinic student.

Little did I know that my future husband was standing right next to him!!!

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And now, the rest of the story . . .