The Main Event
(or "oh yeah - we're in Kansas City because Miriam and Aaron are getting married!")

The wedding itself will take place on Sunday, May 24 at 12:00 Noon in the sanctuary at Congregation Beth TorahRabbi Mark Levin will officiate.   The bride and groom will see each other for the first time at the ketubah signing shortly before the ceremony, at which time they will also participate in the traditional bedeken or veiling ceremony.

Guests will be seated by ushers Todd Thalblum and James Gunn, assisted by the brothers of the bride and groom.  Miriam's attendants will be Lynn Price of Cincinnati, Ohio; Katherine Carlson of Kansas City, Missouri, and Anne Hellman of Chicago, Illinois.  Aaron will be attended by Grant Watts of Boston, Massachusettes; Jay Lewis of Costa Mesa, California; and Brian Schwartz of Kansas City, Missouri.  Gabe and Eli Holmes and Corey and Matt Rittmaster will hold the chuppah poles.   Sarah Hellman will lead the way as flower girl.

Miriam will be escorted down the aisle by her parents, Stephen and Saliayn Holmes.  Aaron will be escorted by his parents, Larry and Marcia Rittmaster.   Grandparents of the bride and groom are John and Jackie Holmes and Elizabeth Holmes; and Raymond and Jean Rittmaster, respectively.

The reception will follow immediately after the ceremony.   Guests will be seated in a large tent just outside the doors of Congregation Beth Torah.  We are thrilled that Michele Goldman of Design Catering will be catering the reception.  Not only will the food be wonderful and the room beautiful, but she's a terrific friend as well.  Entertainment will be provided by Ecclectica, a two person group specializing in traditional Jewish and modern Israeli music.