How do I . . .

1.  Use the "Discuss" feature
2.  Use the "Chat" feature
3.  Use the "News" feature


1.  Click the "Discuss" button on the Weddingweb Home Page.  You should see a screen that displays all of the messages that have been posted on the discussion board so far.
2.  If you wish to post a new message on a new subject, click the "Post" button near the top of the screen.  This will bring up a new screen with a form to fill out.  Simply fill in the form and click the "Post Article" button.   Your message will soon appear on the discussion board.
3.  If you wish to read a message already posted, simply click on the title of any message.
4.  If you wish to reply to a message already posted, you should first click on that message title and read the message.  Then, click the "Reply" button found near the top of the screen.  Again, just fill out the form and click "Post Article".
5.  If none of these suggestions help, just e-mail me at

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1.  The "Chat" area requires that other Weddingweb participants be online at the same time that you are.  (Several of us use the free "AOL Instant Messenger" program for this purpose.  If you have AOL, use your "Buddy List").  Please note:  At this time the chat application does not work with WebTV.
2.  When you know that other Weddingweb participants are online, everyone who wishes to participate should go to the chat page at
3.  The chat application is a Java applet, and it does take some time to load.   You need to relax and let it load completely before it will work.  You will see the applet displayed as a gray box while it is loading itself.
4.  Once the applet is loaded, you will see it as a pale green window.  Enter your online nickname in the appropriate box and the other requested information, if you so desire (only the nickname is required).
5.  Click on the button that says "OK Connect"
6.  The connection will take a couple of moments while the chat server responds.   You should shortly see a screen that says that "your nickname" has joined channel #The_Ritz.
7.  From here, just enter your message in the box labeled "Type HERE" and when you push the Enter or Return button on your computer your message will appear in the chatroom in real time.

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News is essentially on online version of the prenuptial invitation mailing.  There shouldn't be anything unusual in the way the "News" section works.  If you have any problems with this area, please e-mail me at

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