When exactly is the wedding??

From: Aaron
Category: Out-of-Towners
Date: 1/21/98
Time: 8:45:18 PM
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Hi everybody. People have been asking when exactly over Memorial Day Weekend the wedding is. I thought I'd go ahead and post a rough draft of the weekend's events.

Friday, May 22 - Services at Beth Torah, Miriam and I will have an aufruf at the service. There will be some sort of informal Shabbat Dinner for folks who are in town early enough.

Saturday, May 23 - Most of the day is free. There will be a rehearsal for the wedding party at some point. We are also thinking about finding a way to get everyone down to the Plaza for a while in the afternoon - what's everybody think? Saturday evening will be a casual prenuptial BBQ for the out-of-towners and wedding party (at this point still planned for Cousin Carol and Craig's house - THANK YOU Wilson's!)

Sunday, May 24 - The wedding will be at Noon at Congregation Beth Torah. Reception Lunch will follow immediately thereafter at Beth Torah. We're having a tent set up outside where the new social hall will go eventually. Don't worry, the tents we're looking at are air-conditioned in case it's really hot. Sunday evening will be a VERY informal dinner hosted by Bubbie and Zaydie (Thank you B&Z) for the out-of-towners who stay on.

That's all we know for sure at this point. I didn't start out thinking this would be so long of a message. Anyway, we're looking forward to hearing/seeing everyone's comments. Love, Aaron.